Julie Lawson - experienced Governance Clerk and Director

Working Together

Working together means making best use of the skills, experience and resources we have within our local network. It’s simple, the more clients we have, the more efficient we can be. So everyone benefits from Working together!

Trust GS' objectives are clear:

  • To offer effective and efficient admin support for governance meetings
  • To provide an independent, professional and reliable Clerking Service
  • To help Governors understand the latest Governance guidance and apply it effectively
  • To enable Governing Boards to meet statutory obligations with expert advice
  • To make use of IT solutions to deliver efficiencies
  • To faciliate sharing of good governance practice and collaboration
  • To develop sustainable and robust local governance
  • To support school-based staff who have clerking responsibilities with expert advice, guidance and resources
  • To alleviate demands on staff at schools, including administrators and school leaders
  • To work with local experts to provide high quality training for Governors and Trustees
  • To support local school leaders in improving outcomes for young people