Julie Lawson - experienced Governance Clerk and Director

About us

I’ve been working with School Leaders and Governors for over 10 years and I have the best job in the world. It’s a privilege to help Governors and School Leaders do their jobs effectively. Working together means fantastic schools and better outcomes for our young people.

We are proud to be supporting over 1000 Governors at local Schools and Academies.

We deliver a reliable and effective clerking administration service enhanced by innovative bespoke IT solutions.

Our friendly and dedicated team of Clerking Assistants are ready to provide administrative support, advice and resources to Governors. The team have access to a bespoke COW (Calendar of Work) system which allows us to plan and produce agenda packs for a large number of meetings each term.

We’re taking a proactive approach to better governance. Our clients will have access to portals for secure and efficient document sharing and meeting planning. We’ll be introducing digital solutions to support Boards to meet the expectations of modern Governance! I know technology can be daunting for some so we will be providing traditional alternatives as well as regular training and drop-in support sessions for Governors to familiarise themselves with new elements of the services as we introduce them.

Trust GS training sessions for Governors are an important part of our Clerking Service. In addition, there are opportunities for Governors to access training on a wide variety of school issues delivered by local experts.

Trust GS combines positive elements of some of the Governor Support Services traditionally provided by LA’s with a fresh and dynamic approach. It’s an exciting combination.

As we progress a Strategic Board (made up of Governors, School Leader and Governance experts) will help inform our strategic planning and assist me to ensure that our services evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

- Julie Lawson, Head of Service